If it is at all possible to take a couple of days off before your wedding, you’ll enjoy them easily as much as you honeymoon. The chance to finish up your last minute details with the enjoyment that time can bring is really indescribable. There are so many happy tasks that crop up without warning or expectation, that just having the time to deal with them in a gracious way is a luxury.

That being said, make yourself a “to do” timetable for the last week or so that includes as much “blank” time as possible. Assume everything you’re going to do will take longer than you think. Tell all your vendors, attendants and close family that you’ll be starting that day ON TIME, and then let yourself get to your venue early. You’ll have time to decompress, relax a bit, and enjoy the happy chaos that is unfolding around you. And when you walk down the aisle, you’ll be composed, regal, and at peace.