Or May or June or July showers…….let’s face it, they can happen at any time. If you’re planning your ceremony or reception outside, you need to think a realistic and workable “plan B”. That could be as simple as a fleet of golf umbrellas to ferry your guests from their cars into the ceremony site. It could be as complicated as intricate tenting and walkways through the garden or outside venue that you’ve picked. The important thing is that those plans are in place so you are not worried.

One of the most magnificent ceremonies that I had the honor of officiating took place in, well, a monsoon. The country club was gracious in moving the ceremony inside, and we went forth during thunder, lightening and sideways rain.

As the couple was kissing, I looked at the ending benediction for their service, which was the lovely, “Apache Wedding Prayer”. Well, the first line of that prayer is, “Now there shall be no rain”. As I recited those words, the guests went nuts; clapping and cheering! Every wedding should end like that!