I know we haven’t posted since last week, but’s June, and we’re going to the beach! (These beautiful pups are residents of Ocean Grove, NJ, and we took the photos just up the street from one of our beach weddings last weekend.)

Or to the park; on Saturday we were at the gracious gardens at Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ. What an awesome site to use as a backdrop.

Or at camp…… My next wedding is at a rustic and wonderful Girl Scout camp in Northern Jersey.

The cool thing about weddings is that you can have them anywhere you want (if you have a New Jersey Wedding Officiant in place….I am so smooth, lol….). I’ve had colleagues that have done weddings in Grand Central Station, in Central Park, and in the McDonalds on 8th and 43d. (It was where they met….) Go with your heart and pick a place you love. If you need suggestions, just call; we have bunches from the rustic to the elegant.