You might want to put together cd’s or ipod mixes of music for your reception; there are some great tips from a DJ pro; you might not agree with all the suggestions, but they are certainly food for thought!

* Play at least SOME music your public likes, even if you’re not crazy about it.

* Play mainly music aimed at the women. Men will only start to dance when there are women on the dance floor.

* Play the most widely accepted music first, and move to the younger, harder genres later in the evening when the elder family members have left. This way everyone gets to hear some music they like.

* Make the dance floor dark enough;people won’t dance when they are too exposed in the light.

* When someone requests a song that you wouldn’t normally play (because you think it’s not going to work), tell them that you’ll only play it if they promise to dance to it.

* When the dance floor is opened early and there’s not much dancing: don’t worry–people still have to talk, and when they’ve gotten into the party mood )and maybe into the wine and Cosmos….)they will start dancing.