So what do you tell your guests? They all want to be appropriately dressed, but your vision and theirs may not mesh. Everyone will be more comfortable if they know what to do. (It’s easy for your New Jersey Wedding Officiant : I always wear black! Darn, am I smooth of what! Search engines be damned!)

How do you let them know the level of formality in force at your soiree? “Black Tie”, is an easy out. “Picnic Dress” is too. How about some of these?

“Country Club” Elegant and glamourous without being overly formal
“Garden Romantic” Floaty dresses; khakis, crisp white shirts with loosely knotted ties. Big hats
“Caribbean Cruisewear” Elegant but light; perfect for a beach wedding
“City Bliss” Big night out in New York-wear
“Sorta Sporta” nice but casual

Thanks to designer Michael Sherard for this beautiful cocktail dress; I’d wear it anywhere!