Placecards are good and evil. They help prevent chaos at a sit down or formal affair. They let people know where to go, which is a real plus with a larger crowd. HOWEVER, any couple will tell you that fitting your guests into tables is not the easiest thing in the world, and there will ALWAYS be some little problem that day.

One way to herd the cats is to name your tables after the groups of people you’ve invited; “Rhode Island School of Design-ers”, or “Yankee Fans”. Another is to name your tables after special places or moments in your relationship and the people that shared them with you; “Cozumel 2008” , “Graduation 2006”, and use photos to mark the tables and the placecards.

One of my brilliant brides had a different single floral arrangement on each table and named her tables after them; Cape Cod Blue (with pansies), Sunflower yellow…etc.

There are so many creative ways to name tables and direct traffic that “Table 1” just doesn’t seem like an option!