Stilettos and sod don’t mix! If your wedding is going to be outside, on the grass, (sand is a whole other discussion!) you want to plan your footwear accordingly. More than one of my recent brides has found herself slowly sinking into the ground (and usually, not evenly….) One one of the most important days of your life, you shouldn’t be worried about ending face down on the lawn. Well, not at the very beginning anyway… Look for something with a wide heel or some pretty flats (keep in mind that this will affect the way your hemline is altered too.

Your New Jersey Wedding officiant (smooth, eh?) will need to know this too, so she doesn’t wobble around while she’s performing your ceremony; some of us move around more than others, and don’t want to be worried about tripping or getting stuck.

This is also something you might want to indicate in a subtle way on your invitations too, so your female guests know to plan accordingly. You could write things like;

“Ceremony on the lawn of the blah blah blah club.”
“Ceremony in the Rose Garden of the blah blah blah conservatory.”
“Ceremony in the middle of no where, and it’s a long walk to the back 40.”

Another possibility would be to add this to your wedding website when you describe the setting. Everyone will be comfortable, and everyone will be happy!

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