Why not toast your wedding at the ceremony? There are so many creative ways to do this, and it lets your guests know that you’ve really thought out every detail. Here are some ideas from my amazing couples who’ve celebrated their wedding ceremonies in New Jersey and New York.

You could have a wine or sake sharing with appropriate words from your wedding officiant. When I do this, I usually talk about the beauty and nuance that time can add to simple grape juice or rice water. The bride and groom sip from the same cup, although a traditional sake sharing is a little more involved, incorporating the family.

You could choose to toast each other and the guests, saying a few words of thanks and/or welcome at the beginning or end of the ceremony.


You could have your banquet hall staff, or your bridal party (I love this for a small group of guests), circulate with trays of champagne or other festive beverage, maybe one keyed to your colors….) and have a group toast at the very end of the wedding.

All of these alternatives include your toast in the part of the day that is really “toastable”; the ceremony!