Another beautiful wedding site to explore, and I’m sorry I can’t capture photos for you but the slide show is worth viewing! The Estate at Florentine Gardens is a gracious, Georgian style mansion with acres of manicured gardens and fountains, a drop dead ceremony space with a beautiful gazebo and a gracious veranda for your cocktail hour. They really have everything you’d ever desire in a reception space; miles of marble, floor to ceiling windows, fireplaces, balconies and enough room for 360 of your closest friends. The banquet staff is unbelievably detail oriented, and I noticed Nancy taking care of the bridal party’s every need with a smile and genuine concern. She treated this party as if it was her wedding.

Another feature that will make this site on the top of your list is the seamless way that they can handle your music and entertainment needs. Sal Travis, who arranges and oversees the bands, dj’s and photographic professionals has accomplished the impossible; he is everywhere at once. Each facet of your music and photography will unfold seemingly by magic, letting you relax and enjoy your day.

I had the great pleasure to be the NJ wedding minister (smooth, eh?) at an incredible wedding on Sunday. After a perfectly orchestrated ceremony, thanks to the professional staff at the Estate, the guests were entertained at the cocktail hour by a jazz duo that rivals any I’ve ever heard. Abundant and intesting food station including sushi and pasta, dotted the room. Then the guests were gracefully ushered into the ballroom where we all witnessed a traditional Chinese Lion Dance, complete with drummers and percussionists, dramatic lighting, and of course, the lions! It was all quite amazing, and the staff at the Estate made everything happen without a hitch.

Having been to over 100 different wedding sites in the past two years, it takes a LOT to impress me, but trust me,I was impressed. Check it out!