Okay! I stole this whole post! From a neat site called http://www.westchester-weddings.com/ Now that being said, I’m not crazy about all the sentiments expressed, but it does give you some ideas.

Your inscription should reflect you, and it can be anything; a line from your vows or the poems that you’ve chosen for your ceremony. It could be the name of your wedding song. One of my couples joked that they were going to use, “Everyone else sucks but we rock!” I kind of liked that!
Here are the ideas that I outright pillaged from the other site, but if you have something cooler going on, just let me know! I take no responsibility for the incidents of tastelessness that abound below!

A Deal Is A Deal
A Lifetime Is All That I Need
A Lovely View Of Heaven/But I’d Rather Be With You
A Perfect Fit
All I Refuse & Thee I Choose
All My Heart
All My Love, All My Life
All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
All You Need Is Love
Always And All Ways
Always And Forever
Always Faithful
Always For Forever
As You Wish
At Last
Baby, I’m Amazed By You
Beautiful In My Eyes
Better Part Of Forever
Bless O Lord This Ring
Body, Mind And Heart
Bound To An Angel
By Your Side
Can I Keep You?
Circle Of Love
Circle Of Trust
Come What May
Committed to you
Constant And True
Desire Hath Set My Heart On Fire
Don’t Hope, Believe
Dreams Do Come True
Each For Each Other, Both For God
Endless Love
Eternally Yours
Eternity Together
Everlasting Love
Everything I Do, I Do It For You
Faithful & True
Finally Complete
First My Heart, Then My Soul
For All Days
For All That Is Good
For All The Days Of Eternity/Never A Dark Night
For All Time
For Ever And A Day
For I’d Found Love/And Love Was You
For Love So Sweet
For My Greatest Love
For My Sunshine
For Time And All Eternity
For Whither Thou Goest I Will Follow
For You Alone
Forever Always
Forever And A Day
Forever And Ever
Forever Dancing To The Beat Of Your Heart
Forever Entwined
Forever Friends
Forever In My Heart
Forever Mine
Forever My King, Always Your Queen
Forever Thine
Forever Together
Forever True
Forever Yours
Forever, True And Always
Forget Me Not
Friends & Lovers
From This Day Forward
From This Day On
From This Moment On
Given With Faith, Hope And Love
God Bless Us
God For Me Provided Thee
God Unite Both In Love
God’s Blessing Forever
Grow Old Along With Me, The Best Is Yet To Be
Grow Old With Me
Happily Ever After
Have Love And All
Heart · Mind · Body · Soul ·
Here Is My Heart, Guard It Well
His (wife’s ring)/Hers (husband’s ring)
Honestly And For True
Hope Is The Life Of Love
How Do I Love Thee
I Am My Beloved
I Am My Beloved/My Beloved Is Mine
I Am The Luckier One
I Am Yours Forever
I Belong to You/You Belong to Me
I Choose Us
I Choose You
I Choose You As My Life mate
I Could Not Ask For More
I Do Not Wish To Love Any Other
I Finally Found You
I Found Love, And Love Was You
I Have Nothing More To Give You But My Heart
I Knew From The Moment I Met You
I Live For You Loving Me
I Love And I Hope
I Love You
I Love You Always
I Love You More
I Love You More Than Anything
I Melt
I Only Have Eyes For You
I Promise You Forever
I Wanna Know How Forever Feels
I Will Always Love You
I Will Be Here
I Will Love You My Whole Life
I Will Never Love Another
I’d Still Choose You
If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us
I’m Amazed By You
I’m Forever Yours, Faithfully
In God And Thee My Joy Shall Be
In Heaven, Too, You Will Have My Hand
In My Mind And Heart
In Perfect Love & Perfect Trust
In This Life I Was Loved By You
It’s Been You All The Time
I’ve Found All I’ve Waited For
Joined As One
Joined In Love
Joined In One By Our Love
Joy Without End
Keep It Real
Let Me Always Be With You
Let The Winds Of Heaven Dance Between Us
Let Us Be One Til We Are None
Let Us Live As One
Let Us Live In Love
Life Has Begun
Love · Faith · Honesty
Love All Our Day
Love Always
Love Comforteth Like Sunshine After The Rain
Love Conquers All
Love Eternal
Love Ever
Love For Love
Love Is All You Need
Love Is Enough
Love Is Friendship Set On Fire
Love Is Patient, Love Is Kind
Love Knows No Distance
Love Me
Love Me And Leave Me Not
Love Me As I Love Thee
Love Of My Life
Love Till Death
Love Walked In
Love Without End
Love, Honor, Cherish
Lovers Forever
Maybe I’m Amazed
More Than Yesterday, Less Than Tomorrow
My Beloved Is Mine
My Best Friend
My Cup Runneth Over
My Dream Came True
My Fated Soulmate
My Favorite
My First, My Only
My Fondest Wish
My Friend, My Love
My Gentle Lover
My Heart
My Heart Is True, My Joy Is You
My Heart Will Be Your Shelter/My Arms Will Be Your Home
My Heart, My Life
My Heart’s Desire
My Lady, My Lover
My Life And My Love
My Life Began With You
My Life, My Love
My Life, My Love, My Center
My Lord, My Lover
My Love Is Forever
My Love Is Forever Yours
My Love Is With You
My Love Will Forever Encircle You
My Love, My Life, My Friend
My Never Ending Love
My One And Only
My One Desire
My One True Love
My Pleasure
My Precious
My Soul Will Keep Thine Company
My True Companion
Near Or Far, I Still Love You
Near You Always
Never Another
Never Another You
Never In Doubt
Never To Part
No Joy Compared To Hearts Content
No One But You
No Regrets
Not Fade Away
Not For Pawning
Nothing Else Matters
Now And Forever
Now I Am Complete
Oh The Places We’ll Go!
Olive Juice
Once Two, Now One
Once Upon A Time
One Flesh
One Life One Love
One Love, One Lifetime
One Sunset At A Time
Our Love Is Fate
Our Love Is Forever
Our Unity Is Christ
Pulse Of My Heart
Put It Back On
Real Love Is Forever
Remember When
Resistance Is Futile
Ring of Hearts A’Fire
See How Much I Love You
So Will My Love Forever Encircle You
Someone To Watch Over Me
Soul Friend
Soul Mates
Sparkle Of My Life
Sweet Love
Sweet Treasure
The Answer To My Prayers
The Beginning Of Forever
The Best Day Of My Life
The Best Is Yet To Be
The Best Proof Of Love Is Trust
The Best Things Are Free
The Music Will Never Stop
The Other Half Of Me Is You
The Road That Never Ends
The World Moves For Love, It Kneels Down In Awe Before It
They Dance Under One Sky
Think Of Me
This And My Heart
This And The Giver Are Thine Forever
This Hath No End, My Sweetest Friend
This Is My Beloved And This Is My Friend
This Is My Solemn Vow
Til Infinity Plus One
Til My Dying Day
To Eternity And Beyond
To Have And To Hold
To Love, Honor & Cherish Always
To The Moon And Back
Today And Always, I Belong To You
Today I Married My Friend
Today, Tomorrow, Forever
True Love Always
Trust Love
Two Bodies, One Heart
Two Bodies, One Life
Two Hearts Together
United As One
Until Eternity Passes
Until My Dying Day
Until My Forever Ends
We Are For Each Other
We Are Forever
We Are One
We Fit
We Shall Be Together Even In The Silent Memory Of God
What The Eye Saw, The Heart Has Chosen
When You Are With Me, I Am Free
When You See This, Remember Me
Where Two Became One
Who So Loves Believes The Impossible
Why Do You Have Your Ring Off?
With All That I Am
With Arms Wide Open
With These Rings We Bind Our Love
With You Always
With You I Belong
Worth The Wait
Wrapped Around You Forever
Yes, I Still Love You
Yesterday, Today And Eternity
You And I Will Lovers Die
You And No Other
You Are Home
You Are Mine Forever
You Are My Desire
You Are My Heart
You Are My Home
You Are My Life
You Are My Strength And My Love
You Are My Sunshine
You Are So Beautiful
You Are The Love Of My Life
You Are The Reason
You Are The Reason I Am
You Complete Me
You Fill Up My Senses
You Have My Heart
You Have My Whole Heart For My Whole Life
You Make Me Grow
You Make Me Whole
You Own My Heart
You Shall Never Walk Alone
Your Love Is Better Than Ice Cream
Your Love Is My Happiness
You’re In My Soul
You’re Still The One
You’re The Answer To My Everything
You’re The Answer To My Prayers
Yours In All Ways
Yours Only
Yours Unfailing