What a wild Sunday it was! I hope that none of you having a New Jersey Wedding Ceremony (smooth, eh?) were in tents! We were definately not in Kansas anymore! On my drive up to the Apple Ridge Country Club, the heavens opened and I got caught in a huge, dramatic thunderstorm, but by the time I arrived, the sun was out and Ron and Janet’s beautiful bridal party was posing on the greens for some pre-wedding photographs. Ron had predicted that the rain would end at 2:30, and he was pretty close!

It was beautiful at that point, with that rain-washed atmosphere and French blue sky that only follows a drastic rainstorm, but Terry Tiger, the Banquet Director and her staff, made the executive decision to hold the ceremony inside. It took place in the beautiful glassed patio room, overlooking the verdant golf course and grounds. There is a valuable lesson to be learned from this; rain isn’t the only factor in contemplating whether to weather the great outdoors….heat, humidity, bugs, intense sun can all make even the shortest ceremony unbearable. Terry made sure that we had the best of both worlds! The guests got to enjoy a gorgeous view but in comfort.

After a sumptuous cocktail hour, (complete with a giant ice sculpture of a pink beribboned pig) the guests made their way back into the glass ceremony space and….and …..

all meteorological heck broke loose! While the couple finished their first dance: hail the size of martini olives, rain, wind, more rain, thunder, lightening! It was wild, but it was also very romantic in a way. And as the last of their friends and family finished their toasts to Janet and Ron’s joyous life together, the sun came out. It was magic. Photos of this wonderful couple will follow.