When you start to think about music to surround your wedding ceremony, think out of the box! Sure, you can use the Pachabel Canon in D, which is lovely; but how about something that is more personal, more individual,like you are! I wrote about Tricia, and her heart stopping walk down the aisle. I had a bride arrive to Bobbie Mcferrin’s version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”; I had another walk in with a selection from “Riverdance” flowing behind her. Lovely Tovah and her father walked down the aisle to “Edelweisse”, from “The Sound of Music”. She almost took me down; by the time she got to the ceremony space, all the bridesmaids, the groom, and me were sobbing.

When I got married, a billion years ago before unity candles were invented, I chose the theme from the wonderful movie, “Out of Africa”, written by John Barry. The music was evocative; slow enough to walk to (this is a BIG consideration!), and short enough to be appropriate.

To me, the real meaning of the movie (which does bear another view!) was two people who found each other, against all odds and coexisted in an edgy, not perfect way. They were completely soul mates although life was messy for them. It spoke of the real challenge and joy of partnership.

So go look! Maybe the into music to Pee Wee’s playhouse suits you! Maybe a beautiful Gershwin tune, “Embraceable You”, or “Some Enchanted Evening”, from South Pacific

Think about the music that you love, and that music will enhance your ceremony more than any words can do.