I read about Lisa Krisner George in the New York Times, in a wonderful article about women who have created alternative career paths. As soon as I finished reading, I picked up the phone and called her. We had a cool conversation and I went to see her delightful pink and chartreuse studio, Vanilla Pink in Bloomfield NJ. It is there that she creates the most amazing, individual dresses for special occasions. Her outlook on what she creates is very similar to the way I view my New Jersey wedding ceremonies; (smooth, eh?)

“Your bridal wear should tell a story; it should speak of who you are and how you came to this day. It should be as unique as the person it is designed for, and should say more about what is beautiful to you than what happens to be in fashion. It is the dress you have always imagined yourself wearing—not a dress that wears you.

Our designs, first and foremost, reflect these beliefs. Every dress we make marries a love of design with time-honored techniques—to reflect both the beauty of the fabric you have chosen, and your own personal tastes.”

You will love speaking with Lisa, and her dresses will seize your heart.But call her now because she is getting busy!