Well, not you! Me! It’s been a long time since I blogged; thanks to my wonderful couples, it’s been a crazy two weeks! I feel like Where’s Waldo; you never know where my next wedding ceremony is going to be, but there have been some really interesting ones, and as soon as I get photos, they’ll be posted here.

Some random great ideas, just bits and pieces from my creative duets!
For a rustique-elegant wedding in a beautiful, enormous white tent, Kathleen and Roland used Mason jars full of locally grown flowers. Since “going local” is all the rage in the age of green weddings, these were stylish, beautiful and ecologically correct.

They also used a funky canoe to hold their canned and bottled beverages (don’t forget the bottle openers ties to the canoe with camper friendly lanyards! (This photo is from Whistler Outdoor,a company that runs year round adventure tours in British Columbia. What a great idea for a honeymoon!
There were so many stylish ideas in play at Kathy and Carol’s ceremony, it’s hard to pick, and I can’t wait to get their photos back from my amazing photographer and friend, Dan Epstein. They chose the gracious, newly redesigned Museum of Morris County as their ceremony site, arriving with great flourish in an antique white Packard. As a backdrop for the ceremony, we had a collection of silver picture frames that showed scenes from their life together; vacations with their son, family vacations, pets. It was a warm and personal touch that everyone enjoyed. When the ceremony was over, the photos were distributed among the guest tables and the cake table so all could enjoy close up. (These frames are from Hampshire Antiques, a collectors’ site that will make you lose your mind entirely).

Nothing says “patio wedding” like a swimming pool full of flowers and a fireworks display to cap off the night; more on that one later!