But Merynda Adams will! If you’re looking for beautiful and classic music for your new jersey wedding ceremony (smooth, eh?) or reception, you’ll be happy you discovered Merynda. She is positively angelic on the harp, by herself, but has a troop of other wonderful musicians on call as well. Merynda has performed with New York Grand Opera, New Philharmonic, Plainfield Symphony, Metro Lyric Opera, Opera at Florham and the Northeastern Philharmonic. A winner of the South Orange Symphony Artists’ Competition and the Goldblatt Award, she has appeared at Lincoln Center’s Bruno Walter Auditorium, Avery Fisher Hall, and off Broadway in the long running musical, “The Fantasticks”. Her gracious and inspired artistry will add the perfect touch to your celebration, and she can suggest the perfect selections to accompany your ceremony. And just as important is the fact that she is just plain fun to work with!