One of my wonderful Labor day New Jersey Wedding Ceremonies (smooth, eh?) took place on the ancestral property of the bride, amid her family’s lush and verdant late summer gardens. The flowers and trees were in glorious full bloom, and many of the guests eschewed the formal seating to enjoy the ceremony seated on the grass.

During the ceremony, we spoke of the generations of love and care that were silently witnessed by the perrenials her grandmother had planted and the bountiful vegetable garden that her grandfather tends every day. It gave us a beautiful metaphor to speak of the cycles of life, and how important marriage is within the history of a couple, a family and a community.

As a send off, each guest received a bag of home grown tomatoes! What a personal and meaningful tribute, not only to the family homestead, but the Charles, her grandfather, who so lovingly takes care of a myriad of heirloom vegetables.

Almost nothing is as meaningful as looking at a wedding with an eye towards this type of family history and family future. When you start to look at your own plans, take some time to revisit your family’s significant traditions and memories. You will find a rich source of inspiration for both your ceremony and reception.