How fun is this!  I think the teeny tiny letters would make just the most amazing “datesaves”!  Too small for an invitation perhaps, but just write (ha ha) for a heads up.

The beautiful poetry ribbon would be just great for your favors, for tying up your napkins, or wrapping your bouquet.

Lea is also a cool and creative wedding maven, just like your truly!  (Shameless self promotion alert….) Her site has very cool ideas and projects, and it will be a great diversion from figuring out who is going to sit at what table.

Lea’s consulting service provides you with a full hour of hearty discussion and brainstorming about what particular ideas make sense for you in all your uniqueness. She will follow up the conversation with a list of ideas she thinks you might like to incorporate into your wedding. The ideas might be for the invitations, ceremony, rings, food, party favors, etc.. We can focus on whatever aspect you’d like. The consultation can take place over the phone or in a local café if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area.