Wow! I often (no, make that daily) will say out loud, in print, and in my head, that I have the best job on the planet!   My clients are among the most creative, inspiring, out of the box thinkers I’ve ever met, and my Halloween couple was no exception.

They chose a beautiful little historic venue in Princeton, and their drop dead affair was put together by caterer extraordinaire, Dawn, from Main Street Catering. When I arrived, her staff was busy putting the finishing touches on the luxuriously set tables, lighting about a million votive candles, and taking care of every small detail that made this party so unique.

The scent of hot spiced cider greeted the guests as they entered into the estate. They were greeted by a walkway of carved pumpkins, abundant displays of seasonal gourds and flowers, and retrospective photos of the bride and groom’s family.  Fireplaces were festooned with flowers and more photos, and stylish music filled the air.

Entering the tent, they were greeted by a monogrammed aisle runner, strewn with the deep red roses that were used throughout the ceremony and reception. The sunset view of the lake was enhanced by towering silver candelabras, dripping with white hydrangeas and more red roses.  On each seat was the program for the evening; a sophisticated masquerade mask that served as the program.

The ceremony was stylish and personal, as are the couple. It brought out both the humor and the gravity in their relationship, but they chose to weave in seasonal references as well. They were reminded that, “True love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have ever seen  (Foucault).  When I pronounced them husband and wife, I asked them to, “Make me immortal with a kiss!” (Christopher Marlowe).   Even their music was keyed to the season; they processed to Bach’s, “Toccata and Fugue”,  and left to Orff’s, Carmina Burana. Pieces from Weber’s score for “Phantom” accented the ceremony.

As the guests made their way to the cocktail tent,  each holding a candle that was lit from the couple’s unity candle, they were greeted with gilded  goblets of a scarlet signature drink (no recipes here; you have to talk to Dawn for that!), and giant projection screens showing “The Phantom of the Opera“.

It was an incredible night befitting an extraordinary couple. Happy ever (and ever, and beyond!!!) after to you both!