Probably not!  Who doesn’t love it? Dark, milk, white, chili infused, melted, with nuts, without nuts…YUMMMMMMMMMMMM~  It is just the best, and it has scientifically proved benefits for our hearts, minds and souls. Just keep those chocolaty finger prints off the wedding gown okay? 

There are so many many ways to add a chocolate kiss to your wedding day; of course, you can give your guests a little favor to take home, you CAN have an all chocolate wedding cake (hey, it’s your cake, right?), you can serve hot chocolate as people arrive at your winter wedding, you can serve espresso with chocolate spoons at the reception.

But what if you want to start the chocolate wave BEFORE the reception? 

I’m glad you asked, because it gives me a chance to virtually introduce you to Conrad, the chocolate sommilier, and his company, Chocolate Earth .  Quite simply, Conrad is the chocolate guru. He has conducted tastings, walking tours and classes all over the metropolitan area, enlightening the clueless to the nuances of our favorite sweet. What if that perfect melting jewel of deep, rich….ooops…I digress.  Chocolate does that to me.

But wouldn’t a chocolate tasting be the perfect bridal shower?  Forget the paper plate hats with ribbons; forget the chicken salad and scary punch!  Contact Conrad instead and have a stylish, delicious, ooey, gooey, yummy  YIKES THERE I GO AGAIN!

Contact Conrad. You’ll have fun. I know it.