Yes, it could be the, gulp……well, you know. Dollars, which have always been important, will be even more scarce, and that will impact your planning. This doesn’t mean your New Jersey Wedding Ceremony (smooth, eh?) needs to feel sparse or uncelebratory! Not at all! It may be differerent; you may not have 13 stretch Hummers transporting the bridal party, but really, will anyone miss them? No.

A good excercise (and a good bonding experience for you and your intended) is to sit down together with a bottle of 2 Buck Chuck (from Trader Joe…) and think about what is really going to make or break your day.

There are some really invisible ways to cut the budget for your wedding and we’ll explore them together in the next weeks. But the main, main idea is this; your celebration is not about the rented tableware, the 14 bridesmaids, the hand crafted favors or the sorbet intermezzo. The celebration is about you finding your soulmate; your “Anam Cara”, (if I may borrow some of my own handfasting ritual….), the person who challenges you; enlivens you; makes you happy, crazy, hopeful, inspired and grateful. Nothing else really matters. We’ll get to that part, and how to make your wedding celebration one of joy; not endless dollars. Keep ya posted!