Cost cutting idea #3. Do you really need to have 6 bridesmaids, 6 groomsmen, a best man, a maid of honor, two flower girls, a ring bearer and a fairy godmother? Probably not. There are so many ways to include the people you love without having them be formal members of the bridal party.
A small bridal party is a wonderful thing. It will get stress off your plate. You will not have to wrangle 15 people on your wedding day. I highly recommend it, both as an invisible cost cutting tactic and as a great way to make your day. Those people that you love might just be thrilled too!

Instead, ask them to participate in other ways; contributing a reading is one way. Holding the cords for a Celtic handfasting ceremony is another. Lighting candles, or contributing to a sand ceremony would work too.

Having a small bridal party is another “invisible” choice of style that will cut your dollars, your stress, and your time. All good!