Let them eat cake! But there are definately ways to save on it. You might choose to have a smaller size not too small; anything under 50 servings is going to look like a glorified birthday cake…..) and sheet cakes for the rest of the servings (maybe you’ll even buy them at the local grocery store…) Maybe you’ll do a cupcake tower (which may or may NOT save money) with a tiny wedding cake for two on the top of the stack. wedding cake

Or maybe you’ll be as cool as my client Theresa, who ordered an 8″ decorated cake for each table. She placed them on rented silver cake stands, surrounded by petals and ivy leaves, and accented with silver cake cutters she bought at garage sales and thrift stores. The beautiful little cakes took the place of expensive floral arrangements,and by having a “designated cake cutter”, the tables all got to interact a little bit more. What a brilliant idea! Theresa had four different designs, and four flavors, and the guests were encouraged to trade!