Ahhhhhh, Champagne, it’s not just for breakfast anymore….at least not at this time of year or  at your wedding, but cost cutting tip #6 is all about the bubbles.  If you have your heart set on toasting your New Jersey Wedding (smooth, eh?) with a sparkler, there are many ways to do it without breaking the budget.  Unless your guests are extremely sophisticated and habitual afficianados, there are any number of  great choices that will graciously fill their flutes (at about 3 ounces each, or 8 glasses per bottle), and tickle their noses.  And wonderful brands can be had for between 10-20.00 per bottle.

Prosecco is an Italian bubbly, (although much to the dismay of the Italians, it is also made in other places), with a light and delicate flavor. It is very much the darling of the press now, and has a semi sweet flavor that will please almost anyone.  Spanish sparkling wines like Frexinet and Cordo Negro, both in the 10-13.00 range, work too, as do some of the American brands like Gloria Ferrer.

Another stylish and budget conscious way to serve a sparkling toast is to create a signature drink with a less expensive wine enhanced with a splash of something colorful and tasty like Campari,  Cassis, or Pom pomegranate juice, which will not only add flavor but color too. Add a little lime zest twist and you’re styling, saving, and toasting!