And the blender and the toaster and the crystal!  If your New Jersey wedding ceremony (smooth, eh?) was in the last six months or so, you want to think about writing those “Thank you” notes.  Make a date out of it; get a nice bottle of wine, sit down together go for it.   Don’t ever send a pre-printed card;  write a personal comment about how much you enjoy each item. Photos of your wedding, or even better, you with the beloved object? Priceless.  And email won’t do; pick out some sweet or funny thank you cards, or use one of the many photo sites or Vistaprint to  make photo post cards.

You’ll also want to send a note to the people who helped make your festivities so, well, festive; the ladies who hosted your shower; the family members who created your engagement party.  Don’t forget

kate's paperie


the professionals who made everything so memorable; the delicious cake, the incredible flowers, the breathtaking singer who wowed them at your New Jersey wedding ceremony (now I’m even scaring me……), the wedding planner who made it all come together. Point out to everyone just  how special they made your day, and how the gifts you received will enhance your life together. Oh, and make sure you send along your new address, if you’ve moved or if your invitations were sent from a different address (maybe your parents).

(These beautiful notes are from Kate’s Paperie)

Oh, and don’t forget your New Jersey wedding officiant (ok, I’m done; we’d love to hear from you too!