but change is gonna come…… and it’s here. On a day so momentous, in so many ways, it’s impossible to write about New Jersey  wedding ceremonies (I’m still sneaky, aren’t I!). Whomever you supported, it is undeniable that inauguration day is a day that brings goosebumps to most of us.  As I looked at the aerial shots of Washington, with hundreds of thousands of Americans waiting to hear the first words of our new president, I felt a sense of pride that I haven’t felt in, oh, about eight years. 

Now, just so I”m not totally off topic; the inauguration is not unlike a wedding, as Charlie Gibson on WABC pointed out this morning.  There is pomp and circumstance to be sure, but there is also a call to the community for hope, for support, for faith, and for joy.  There is a charge to every witness, to every participant, to engage and to act. For just as no marriage exists by itself, neither does any presidency.  It is, always, up to the rest of us.

Enjoy the pagentry; send you thoughts and dreams into the universe for the grace and strength of this new order, and think about  how you will help this change, this change we need so badly!