The hottest, hottest addition to the entertainment part of your wedding (besides me, your New Jersey wedding officiant, of course…) is a photo booth. NOT JUST ANY PHOTO BOOTH, but a cool one!  Where DO I get one of these babies, you’re thinking.  I thought you’d never ask.  You’ll go right to NYC Photobooth and hire one of their nifty vintage photo booths for your reception.  How fun is this; your guests enter, smile, mug, act up; and seconds later a mulit-image photo magically emerges!  You keep three for your guest book; they keep three as a favor. One of NYCPhotobooth’s staff is on site to welcome and warm up even the most reluctant guests, and once they get into the booth, their alter egos will definately take over!  The idea is just brilliant; it promotes conversation, adds a note of whimsy to the cocktail hour, and the  photos are so good that I am putting mine  on my website as my press pix.  Their pricing is right in line with other booths that I’ve seen, and they travel all over the east coast.  Their staffpeople are warm and fun, the service at their office (thank you April!) is lightening quick and accomodating, and the final product is unique and memorable. Just like you!  (Thank you Kelly and Tom; you look mahvelous!)    Wow and so do I for a change!!!