They are so important, especially on a day that is one of the milestones of life; not only to you and your fiance, but to your friends and family as well.  You couldn’t have a better ghostess than Chloe, the talented and articulate writer behind the enticing blog ,  Chloe creates personalize poetry that captures the essence of the couples that are lucky enough to work with her.  These poems can become a memorable part of the ceremony or the reception toast, and then framed as a wonderful memento for the couple. 

Her blog is inspiring and thoughtful, and the pieces she creates for her clients are poignant and meaningful.  You will enjoy reading through her blog; but be prepared to get lost in her winding stories of wedding ceremonies and the artists that make them special.  You’ll take away many ideas for your own wedding, and maybe you’ll make the smart decision to make Chloe a part of your preparations.