Cocktail hour……. the inevitable and expected next step after your New Jersey wedding ceremony (smooth, eh?)yep, a cocktail, pleasant conversation, background music….and WAIT!  IS THAT A BALLOON ANIMAL???   I know it sounds just crazy, but how much fun would it be to see your guests  walking around the cocktail hour with inflateable swords, funny balloon hats, squeeky flowers. Trust me, it’s fun.  I had the pleasure of officiating for a couple who had hired Magic Mike, a wonderful magician and balloon artist from B. Happie Entertainment.  Mike entertained the legions of kids and adults, and he was really the hit of the day.  He brought along millions of balloons and his rabbit (who actually has a real name and a stage name; I’ll omit them both in the interest of keeping the rabbit’s privacy intact…those papparazzis can be brutal…or is it “hopparazzis” if you’re a bunny…)  and everyone had a great time, except possibly for the rabbit. (Could that be because we were at a traditional French Bistro, and well, one of their favorite entrees is……oh nevermind….)  (And PS; this great balloon hat pix is from another of my favorite sites, Mental Floss.  You’ll love them!