A Celtic Handfasting is a beautiful ceremony that can augment your vows and ring exchange. It was originated in the 1600’s, in Europe,  when very few weddings were being sanctified in the church. It was essentially, a commonlaw ritual, and it makes a beautiful contrast to the more formalized vows that are included in most modern ceremonies.

In the version that I have written , multiple colored cords, (some of which are embellished with beads, gemstones and charms), are draped over the couple’s hands as promises are read. Very often, a close friend. the couples’ children or one of the bridal party will assist in draping the cords; this is a great way to make them active participants.

Including distinctive and meaningful rituals like the handfasting is a way to truly make your ceremony a highly personal one. This ritual element  is one of my clients’ favorites. Thank you, Kris and Ashley, for this beautiful photo of your celebration!