Twist my Limb  instead, at least if you’re looking for the most beautiful, eco-friendly collection of invitations, wedding accessories, thank you notes, and anything else paper you might covet for your wedding (or other special event)!  I read about this company, based in the Midwest, on a business blog that I subscribe to, and I was so taken with their story and their products, that I got right to bloggin’ (well, not right to it…I emailed a couple of couples along the way, lol….)

The story is a great one; a real odyssey that has evolved into this wonderful business (which is over 10 year old; way pre-dating the current green frenzy).   Sheryl Woodhouse-Keese  says that she started the company she found herself in the dubiously liberating position of being an unemployed environmentalist and former park ranger.  She was searching for a way to blend her artistic skills and her llove of nature, and found that Twisted Limb could become  the perfect venue to showcase her talents.  Her vision has become so successful that she now has a team of six (and you can virtually meet them on her website) that hand-creates the distinctive offerings on her site.

Just as “health” food isn’t all about sprouts and groats (what the hell is a groat anyway?), “re cycled” doesn’t mean brown.  Sheryl’s line is colorful, joyous and stylish. You’ll find way too much to love, and what a great problem to have!