There are so many ways to weave a heart shaped motif through your wedding decor, but leaves may be one way that you haven’t thought about! There are many beautiful plants that have heart shaped leaves and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your plans (and feel their gentle loving touch on your budget)!   Groupings  of  colorful flowering plants with heart-leaved plants, like cyclamen, can certainly create a casual centerpiece for a pink or red themed wedding.  Beautiful African violets, with their rosettes of heart shaped leaves and purple blooms are perfect as well.  You might choose to add drapes of piggyback plant leaves, heart leaf philodendrons or satin pothos (with its dramatic silvery leaves) to your bouquet and your future husband’s boutonniere.  Each of those trailing plants could create a lovely foil  for your wedding aisle (and then be given to guests who have green thumbs!)    One of my cool clients outlined her New Jersey wedding ceremony (smooth, eh?)  gazebo with beautiful and abundant pots of philodendrons.  She spray painted  several leaves on each plant gold, and replaced the green plastic  pots with inexpensive terra cotta pots that she had  also sprayed gold, and stenciled the white aisle runner with gold hearts.  On the day of her wedding, we plucked some dark green, heart shaped leaves, scattered them over the runner, and the overall effect was amazing  (and cheap!)