Bonus points if you’re old enough to realize where this reference comes from!

Every message is special, and a wedding invitation is perhaps one of the most cherished.  When it arrives as a “Message In A Bottle”, it becomes a memory the minute it is received. emotions. Not only will they begin to look forward to the excitement of your unique day, but after the day is over, that keepsake will remind them of you!  

If you’re having a destination wedding at one of our fabulous NJ beach resorts, like Ocean Place in Long Branch, these adorable invites might just be the perfect way to announce your celebration! 

There are a number of ways to personalize each Message in a Bottle by choosing different messages, sand, parchment and ribbon colors, and little accent pieces that decorate each bottle. You can have them all made up and shipped by the company, or you can assemble and mail them yourself, (after bonding with your wedding party at a “let’s put together the invitations!” party.

The company’s founder, Keith Cangiarella, finds his inspiration in nature, and MIB is truly a labor of love.

” I am the creator of the Original MIBs, and all the other products you will find at People often ask me “What inspires you?”.
My answer is simple, “First you sit and watch the sunset, or the sunrise if your up earlier enough, gaze at the stars, stare at the Moon, watch children play at the park, listen to a child laugh, look deep inside,let your imagination guide you, “Find a need and Fill it.” By purchasing one of our products, especially a MIB you most definitely will be brightening someone’s day, and that’s my goal to provide you the consumer with something to add a little shine to the world each and everyday.”


You’ll enjoy his site, and maybe think of some other occasions that would be the perfect excuse to create your own Message.  Like a proposal!