Get OUT of those bridal stores an OFF of those bridal websites!  (Except mine of course, lol…..)  Just kidding; all of those great wedding places can solve all sorts of problems, but some of your most incredibly fun, outrageously creative ideas may hit you when you’re somewhere else!  Some of my favorites?  I thought you’d never ask….Of course, I love  Michaels; they have all kinds of neat little favors, packaging details, ribbons, table decor and even invitations.  Your local dollar store is definately the source for votive candles, silk rose petals, tuille, cocktail napkins, and aspirin (for when it all gets to you….)  Don’t forget the the cool candy store or warehouse store to stock up on fun sweeties for a candy table after the reception; the Black River Candy Shoppe has the most incredible selection of favorites, including about 50 flavors of Jelly Bellys, gourmet lollypops, rock candy, and  some vintage brands that are truly hard to find; it’s a real treat! (No pun intended…)