I know. You’re stressed. Your simple wedding has turned into a three ring circus, your fiance is whispering “Let’s elope, let’s elope” into your ear while he thinks you’re sleeping. Everyone has an opinion, and no one has any answers (well, except your New Jersey wedding officiant…okay, I couldn’t resist…..)

Ya just feel like, like………SMASHING SOMETHING!  Well, now you can, and in some very cool surroundings too (because hurling that registry china out the window is ecologically and economically irresponsible….)

www.smashshack has your answer!  (and what a great bridesmaids’ night out!”  )

Smash Shack provides the environment, the “break rooms”, the china, glass and pottery and you provide the stress. After a session of thowing breakable objects against walls, you’re guaranteed to be more relaxed than if you’d done an hour of sun salutations and unfolding lotuses at your yoga class.  And in some ethnic traditions, breaking plates is a beckoning of good luck!

They also have gift certificates (for your recently dumped best friend….) and a mobile smashmobile will come to you!  You really do deserve a break today!

And I had to post a photo of their fabulous “store dog, “Eheyeh” (Hey hey), because I’m a poodle freak!