In everyday life, chasing your brastraps or slinky little black dress straps around your body is a royal pain, but on your wedding day?  Who has time?  And who wants to be tugging at bodices and trying to defy gravity when there are more important things to do?  (Like taking in every minute of your New Jersey wedding ceremony [we all know I’m shameless, lol!]) 

Well you are going to just love this baby; the “Bra Barrette”, the most useful and welcome piece of jewelry since, since, since…..your engagement ring.  It keeps those straps where they belong AND adds some crystals, some sparkles, a charm or two.  It’s just cute. And practical. And the perfect bridesmaids’ gift too. It comes in all kinds of colors with all sorts of trims, and it’ll keep those straps where you want them!