Not everything, but “it” whatever it is. For me, the “it” is my gym membership at retro fitness, an ultra affordable gym and a bottle of decent champagne ( not at the same time, though that would probably make it more fun…)  I can live without another black sweater, and my yearly trip to the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, but certain things, even in this economy have to stay put for my happiness, my balance and my sanity.  And for you too. There will be something for your wedding that will make it the perfect day for you, and some things that really will not make any difference; the challenge is to know the difference.

Of course, I’m opinionated; I think that a beautiful, meaningful (and that meaning could be humor, goth the Yankees…) New Jersey wedding ceremony is an generally so affordable that you should have the person or ceremony venue that you truly want. Your ceremony is the reason for the celebration, not just a velvet rope to a party, and as a line item for your overall budget, it is truly an “affordable splurge”.

Maybe you have fallen in love with a reception site that is a little too expensive (or a lot too expensive…) Consider an hors d’oeuvres reception (that’s the most fun part anyway, isn’t it?), or an off time of year or day, (I did a LOT of Thursday night weddings last year!). 

Maybe the most important part of your wedding day is surrounding yourself with your wide circle of friends and family; then bump up the guest list and look for a less expensive place to celebrate.

Maybe you’ve always dreamed of getting married at home; having an 11 piece swing band; including 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen; arriving in a white Rolls Royce. You can still have those dreams; maybe just not all of them at once.  It’s all about choices and thinking in a creative way.

So have that conversation; decide on the things you HAVE to have, and think outside the box about the things that you can’t.  Everyone is going to have a wonderful time, and no one will know what you DIDN”T choose….