To an amazing start of wedding season!  I hardly know where to begin, my couples this weekend were so creative, so personal, and so exciting! In every  NJ wedding ceremony I have the luck to perform, I say that I have the best “job” on the planet, and on this particular monday morning, that rings as true as possible.

On Friday, I had a chance to actually watch  a ceremony before I got to perform a ceremony.  May and Michael,  are both dynamic and creative individuals who are very involved in the music industry,  so it was certainly no surprise that their wedding was deeply personal and full of the style that marks their life together.

They started their day of celebration with a traditional Thai Water Ceremony. (No, this is not them!)

Traditionally, the pouring of the water is  essentially a common-law joining of the couple. At May and Michael’s ceremony, it  was a beautiful and significant ritual that symbolized the history of the family as the foundation of their life ahead.
For the ceremony itself, May and Michael knelt together, side by side with their hands clasped over two flower filled vessels.  A holy string was  draped to connect them, signifying their spiritual union, and a white powder dots were applied to their foreheads.
One by one, their guests approached them and poured holy water from a communal conch shell as they offered their blessings and advice. In the background, live music and spirited conversation added to the feeling of community  celebration.
After the traditional ceremony had ended, the guests took a little break; Michael donned his tux and May changed into her magnificent lace gown in preparation for the NEXT wedding ceremony.
The R & B group, “Ahmir”  seranaded the couple down the aisle; since Michael is their manager, this was a perfect way to begin the ceremony.  I spoke about the their long, interesting history together, and after they took their vows and exchanged rings, they participated in a Sushi Sharing Ceremony!
When we were discussing what elements we would include in the wedding, Michael blurted out, “We should have FOOD!” Now, I’ve written chocolate sharings, wine sharings, bread sharings, but never a sushi sharing. Still, it was perfect because May and Michael are both real foodies, and they were going to have a sushi station as part of their reception!  And as we know, sharing food is never just about eating; it’s a powerful demonstration of family and fellowship.
As May and Michael fed each other, I talked about rice being the staff of life, representing the sustanance that a great partnership provides.  I talked about the wasabi; with the spiciness that evolves into a passionate burn!  Fish, the bouty of the earth; sesame seeds that represent many children, and the soy sauce, which reminds us that life is often sweet and salty at the same time.
It was truly memorable and a very individualized ceremony!  And Ahmir sang their recessional too, and then it was off to a fabulous and luxurious  reception at Season’s, in Washington Township.