Being the creative person you are, you have gone to the ends of the artistic universe to personalize everything about your wedding, including your New Jersey wedding ceremony (okay, okay, I couldn’t resist….) Why should you use a plain old stamp on the envelope?  Perfect Postage  offers what seems like millions of beautiful stamps that you can personalize to fit your theme, your colors, your music, or any other aspect of your wedding that you’d like to hilight. You can match your invitation or put your photos on them;  you can even get stamps that mention your favorite charity.  They have “thank you” stamps and ‘datesave’ stamps too!  But I’ll warn you; before you go to this delightful and inspiring site, pack a snack; you’re going to be there for a while, and it IS quite addictive. But at a small premium over regular stamps, (and the built in bonus of having them shipped right to you!), they are really an affordable indulgence and dynamic touch of style to introduce your wedding celebration.