Lie. You heard it here first. Lie to everyone, lie like a dog in the road, but just a little. Tell everyone who has to do ANYTHING wedding related that they need to be in place by a half an hour before  before you want them there.  Fifteen minutes won’t do; everyone knows that trick!  This isn’t actually as mean as you think; when they get there and realize that they have some breathing room, they’ll be thankful, you’ll be less stressed out, and your day can progress with a good start.

If you have a site that is logistically challenging; (a long walk from the parking lot, valets, complicated directions, you might want to include those details on your direction cards for the ceremony;

“The ceremony site is a brisk walk from your arrival point, so please allow time for a pleasant little hike through the scenery before we settle in for the wedding.” 

“The last bit of the journey is a little confusing, so look for the tree shaped like a bear. Only kidding; our cell phones will be on, so please call Bride’s maid or banquet manager at 999-999-9999 or 777-777-7777.”

Oh, and don’t let them see this post or they’ll catch on…….