Stress? What stress? Oh…wedding stress?  That little thing?  Well, as you get busier and busier with details and appointments, you may be tempted to cut back on your gym time, but resist that urge.  You go girl! And bring your partner with you! There are so many reasons to keep your workout habit in place.

Obviously, you want to look the best you can at your wedding, and being toned and flexible is key to that.  A non-negotiable workout gives you a chunk of time to reflect, to connect with your body, and to be away from all the pressures of planning.  If you bring your partner with you, you can actually consider your workout together a “date”; a time to bond without discussing cakes, rings, wedding songs, or entrees. You can have a conversation, just like you used to do!

Belonging to a club is probably the most motivating way to go; I go to Retro Fitness, which is well equipped, spotless, and cheap. You may choose to work out at home, or connect with a personal trainer, like James, from Volt in Glen Rock. But what ever you do, do something; it’s a habit that will keep you healthier and happier in good times and bad, sickness and health, blah blah blah…….

(And research shows that couples who work out together have better sex! Yikes!  I’m lacing up those sneakers NOW!)