I know. You have a million things on that “to do” list, and they never seem to go away, no matter how hard to try.  It can get overwhelming and guess what…….it doesn’t go away! The “Wedding To Do list” will morph into the “After the Wedding To Do List” and then, it becomes the plain old “To Do list”, enhanced by the milestones of your life; buying a house, changing jobs, having children, and just the happy everyday experience of being married.

But don’t get overwhelmed….write down EVERYTHING…you have to do. (or you can use Ta Da list, an online listmaker which is so simple and so cool!)Break the big giant tasks into pieces; 4 “tasks” of addressing 25 invites instead of 100 (or instead, you could make that task, “Call Therese at Bella Scrittura to hand calligraph our invitations”).  Take really complicated jobs and disect them by part; (‘pick 4 New Jersey Wedding Officiants”, then, “interview 4 New Jersey Wedding Officiants”, then, “call Celia to book”……), so you have manageable chunks that can be accomplished. Make some chunks bigger than others; a single phone call can be a task!

Then, every day, commit to crossing three things off the list. You’ll feel so, so good!  And in no time, you’ll have room on the list….for NEW things!