In your bag of wedding of wedding day tricks;  White Out! For scuffs on your stilettos, dots on your dress, lipstick on his shirt and a hundred other little spotty things that can come between you and pristine whiteness.

Chris and Joe, my cool cool couple from last year, asked everyone to dress in white for their reception, and it was marvelous. When I entered the reception space, I saw 200 guests, all in white, drinking Rose Champagne!  It was visually stunning, and as stylish as the couple themselves. (I, of course, was in black….).  On each table was a little basket of White-out, Stain Sticks, and Clorox pens!  In addition to being very thoughtful, it was a huge conversation starter! 

This being said, if you drop Merlot down your bodice, you’re on your own. How ’bout a nice pinot grigio?