My friend and colleague, Julie Laudicina, (a wonderful celebrant based in Staten Island), described a wonderful ceremony element that one of her cool couples included in their wedding service.  They were planning to read their own vows to each other (which we all advocate; memorizing them is crazy!) They also had several guest readers who were going to contribute to the celebration by reciting poems and readings that were meaningful to the couple.

 During their processional, they included not only a ring bearer and a flower girl, but also a “book bearer”.  They found a beautiful antique journal, and they hand wrote their vows and the readings on its pages. When it came time for the readers to perform, Julie handed them the book, and then the couple read their vows from the same book.  I can imagine that same book holding a copy of the ceremony and photos from the reception!  What an amazing, unique visual element to the ceremony, and a beautiful keepsake afterwards!