Everyone gearing up for a major event (especially one with LOADS of photos) wants to look their  best, and you are probably not an exception. According to a recent poll ( don’t ask me where, lol….) 85% of brides adopt a new training routine and diet to look better on their day. One of my gorgeous brides lost almost 60 pounds between the time we met and the time she walked down the aisle. For her, it was more than just a physical transformation, it was a serious boost to her self esteem and her emotional happiness.  What better way to start a new chapter in your life than by looking and feeling your very very best?

And me too!  I want to look better on your day, (but I get to wear black, which gives me an unfair advantage, photo wise…… )  So recently, I went back to an Atkins eating plan (along with screaming workouts at RetroFitness, my gym) because I know it works for me.  Everyone has their own plan, but lo-carb is mine.  I can have giant salads, giant steaks, beautiful grilled chicken skewers and all with a glass of wine or Champagne.  What’s not to love? 

One of my favorite sites for info and chat forums is Low Carb Eating, and they were kind enough to include some of my favorite tips among all the great ideas they listed for either returning to lo carbing or starting it from scratch. Many of the tips would work for what ever plan you decide to follow!  Of course, you should consult with your doctor or dietician before embarking on any serious diet and nutrician plan(This beautiful steak image is courtesy of My Recipes, which will give you all kinds of ideas!)

So go to the gym, grab a hunk of filet mignon or turkey breast, (and at least 8 big cold glasses of water a day…..) and watch what happens next! I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised!