My colleague and friend  Dina Eisenberg, creator of “Positively Wed” could be the catalyst that makes your wedding truly your wedding in every sense. She has been an award winning mediator with over 17 years of experience as an attorney and advocate. And she’s a self-described “wedding fanatic”, who is planning five weddings for herself!  (To the same man!)  I can’t describe her services any better than she can, so here she is!

Weddings are no time for feeling anger, frustration, or disappointment. I believe that love = fun, and weddings should be the most fun of allMy work, my honor really, is teaching brides to successfully navigate the inevitable challenges that come with a wedding, and preserve special relationships while removing obstacles with confidence and a positive attitude. You don’t have to be a bridezilla to get your way, and you should never be a doormat. It’s possible to be calm and totally in control while creating the wedding you deserve.”

And Dina can help that happen. She can offer a fresh and objective opinion about the situations and challenges you’re facing in your planning.  She can help you negotiate conflicts calmly and resolve them without hurt feelings on either side.  Bridal Coaching is there to help you own your power and use it wisely. 

She has a number of different mediation services, and her website is a wealth of information, including a recent blog post by your favorite New Jersey wedding officiant  (smooth, eh?), which discusses how to get the ceremony you REALLY want!