Or your guests take the cake…the cupcake that is; one of my cool clients  had a beautiful sendoff for her guests. Displayed on an antique table in the foyer of the reception site were tiered servers filled with cupcakes, black-and-white cookies and brownies, complete with take away boxes in the couple’s colors. They were invited to take a treat home for later (or maybe for those little ones on the ride home!)

It was a beautiful and gracious alternative to a “Viennese” table, and an appreciated little nosh for later in the evening. And of course, they could stand in for the wedding cake itself!

Now, where can I get these cupcakes, you’re thinking?  I’m glad you asked. My friend Carla, chef-owner of “Once Upon a  Cupcake”.  She hand bakes delicious, creative cupcakes with the finest ingredients and towering swirls of frosting. And the flavors?   How about Tiramisu?  Red Velvet? Cherry Sunday? Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Chips?  I want one RIGHT NOW. or maybe two. or ten.