Yep, if you’re looking for something really unique in the wedding reception music arena, you might just love the Susquehanna Industrial Tool and Die Company, a trio of retro….hillbilly….authentic….rockabilly….50’s…….oh geez, I just don’t know how to describe them, but if you go to their website you’ll find plenty of links to listen and enjoy their particular (and I do mean, PARTICULAR) brand of musical hi-jinks.

My cool couple, Kim and Jay had them play for their wedding at Silas Condict Park, a beautiful and intimate setting with a former speakeasy plunked right in the middle. With a patio. On a lake. In Kinnelon. It doesn’t get much better than this for an autumn wedding with 100 of your closest friends.


But I digress.  Sit and Die brought a vintage, hand cranked victrola for the processional music, and the proceeded to rock-a-billy the house for the reception. It was the perfect backdrop for Kim and Jay, a creative, offbeat couple with something completely different in mind!