That would be the Canon in D…..Not that I have ANY problem with Pachelbel, and this piece is almost shorthand for “wedding coming up!”  If you love it, you should have it, and if the content of your ceremony is especially unusual, it might provide the balance between familiar and innovative. I  think, for many clients, especially those who may be doing ceremonies with innovative content, it’s shorthand for “wedding”. 

That being said……. I always encourage my couples to think outside the box; this is why I rarely start a ceremony with, “Dearly beloved”. Why squander any  chance to express your personality?  From your ceremony, to your readings, to your vows, each element should be an intentional statement about you!  And your music? What a rich and dramatic place to really claim your ceremony!

I’ve had brides enter to ‘Edleweiss” (the “kids over the Alps” song in “The Sound of Music”, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (the Hawaaiian Version…), and various popular songs. I used the theme from “Out of Africa”, a movie about two explorers, two difficult personalities who fell in love. It was perfect for us. And I’m sure there is something perfect for you; finding it will be a delightful and joyful challenge!


(If you’re going to the canon route, this might be my favorite version, but this is me…

Now, maybe I have you thinking….????  What music do we love? What expresses us?  How do I choose??