Beautiful flowers are an important part of every celebration, but when you are  planning your wedding decor and accessories, they take center stage!  Of course, there are flowers for each dining table and the the bridal bouquet, but there are so many blooming opportunities!  You’ll probably want flowers for the bridesmaids and boutonnieres for the groomsmen; corsages for honored moms and grandmoms and aunts; arrangements for the ceremony space, (where your New Jersey wedding officiant will be….you know I can’t ever resist a cheap plug 😉 ), maybe foyers, restrooms and reception areas.

You may want to send arrangements as a “thank you” to your guest readers, your college friend who played classical guitar for the ceremony, or your fiance’s aunt Mary, who made her famous, fabulous chocolate mousse cake, four layers high, to end your reception with a sweet taste of family history. I don’t think there is a person alive who doesn’t love flowers! And wouldn’t be a great thing, you ask, those flowers could not only be gorgeous and uplifting, but useful?

Funny you should ask.  I have just the resource for you, thanks to Erik Kent, of NJ, an amazing wedding planning resource. (Erik’s site delivers consistently inspiring articles, useful tips, and links to  the professionals you need to create a great, personal wedding celebration.)

Vaseful Flowers and Gifts is not just a floral shop for those of you in central New Jersey. There is a delightful and unexpected bonus in collaborating with them.  As part of  Community Options, Inc., a national nonprofit organization, Vaseful   focuses  on supporting people with disabilities. While based in Central New Jersey, Vaseful operates as a full service flower shop and can deliver anywhere in the entire world.

The unique component about Vaseful is that it serves as training/employment opportunity for people with disabilities, many of whom have been working in the store since it opened over 10 years ago. These associates  learn valuable retail skills that are so vital not only to them, but to any potential employer that is seeking qualified, professional help.  

Vaseful Flowers and Gifts specializes in weddings and special events, along with “everyday” flowers for any occasion.  By choosing them to create any part of your wedding decor, you will be solving your floral dilemma and help their  employees at the same time, improving the lives of people with disabilities.

You can learn more about Vaseful or schedule a floral consultation, by calling their  toll free number (877) 827-3385, or visiting them on NJ wedding, or going directly to their website.