“Here’s a story, of a man named Brady…”  oh wait….that’s not this story. This is the story of Nicole and Michael and their blended family of five completely adorable kids. It’s a wonderful story too.

There  might  be  nothing  as nerve wracking as  the anticipation of a first date; except maybe the anticipation of a root canal or a weekend marathon of Yo Gabba Gabba.


That  anxiety is even more intense  when both the daters are a little, um, rusty.  Okay, more than a little rusty.  Petrified.  Neither Nicole or Michael had even thought they would be on a first date ever again; they were far too busy changing diapers, helping with homework and fishing action figures out of the drain.


 But hope, curiousity and optimism got the best of them, and the rest, as “they” say (who is this they,and why do they say so much?) is history. They were married just about  a year ago, at a cool and intimate restaurant, Pasta Cucina, in New City, NY. 


  Their ceremony took place in a private room that could have in the heart of  Sunny Tuscany! All of the children were as important in the ceremony as they are to Nicole and Michael’s life together. After a poignant reading from, “The Velveteen Rabbit”, a classic children’s book, Michael and Nicole presented each child with a keepsake bracelet (silver ones for the girls, cool black rubber ones for the boys!).  They closed with a memorable quote from the movie, “When Harry met Sally”, one of their favorite films;


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 

And then it was off to the reception , with endless Italian specialties and a chocolate wedding cake. It was a wonderful, wonderful celebration of their beautiful new family.  Happy anniversary, happy “rest of your life”, Nicole and Michael; you deserve all the happiness and excitement that I know you’ll find.